Our Story

In 1974 a group of eight families bought 80 acres of land on Central Road and created the Syzygy Cooperative Community (Syzygy is an astronomical term used when the moon, sun and earth are in alignment and this occurred when the land was bought). The property came with a cleared field, an old farmhouse and an orchard. The farmhouse had been stripped of its siding many years before, leaving a layer of flattened cardboard boxes – thus it had been known on the island as the ‘Carbboard House’. How did this happen?

Legend has it that a man named Frenchie Lerux lived in the house, and walked to the Co-op Store everyday to shop for groceries, which he carried home in a cardboard box. As the weather got colder, he used the siding (or shakes) as firewood and replaced it with the cardboard boxes having first soaked them in oil. Of course, when we bought the property, the first thing we did was cover up the cardboard, but the name just stuck!

It Began in a Tent…